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VIC - Camel Rides

NSW | ACT | QLD | WA | NT | SA | VIC | TAS

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Camel Corner Pony & Amusement Hire - Amusement Equipment/Car Racing Game      HIRE
Rent Fencing, Hire a BBQ, Hire a Spit.

Electric Go Karts Hire, Camel Corner Party Hire

Hire Electric Go Kart in Victoria from Camel Corner Party Hire. Hire from 4 of our Electric Go Karts, for Go Karting.

The karts are driven around inside a Hire fully enclosed, inflatable Grand Prix ring Hire.
(Suitable for smaller children, aged 3+ years and up)

One pedal is used to operate the kart. Pressing down the pedal makes the kart move forward. Releasing the pedal makes the
Go kart Hire slow down and stop..

Children just love this fun ride, as they get to operate the kart by themselves.
Help is also on hand by our experienced
operators, should it be required.

Rent a Car, Rent Property, House.
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Tel: 0419 425 257
Send Email For Quote
Hire Fitness Equipment, Hire a Caravan, games.
Camel Corner Pony & Amusement Hire - Animals/Pony Rides      HIRE
Hire Machinery, formal Wear, Hire Portable Toilets.

Ponies Hire - Camel Corner Pony Hire, Victoria

Hire ponies for your children next birthday party, fete, festival. Hire Riding ponies for your kids from Camel Corner Pony Hire, Victoria, Australia.

We have Hire ponies suitable for kids ages 3 years and over.

We can walk the ponies around your backyard or any other location you wish. (Council approval may be required if operated in parks etc.)

We can hire out a large number of ponies at any one time.

We provide:
* saddles
* hard helmets
* hairnets
* a step to make mounting easier
* experienced handlers.

Rent a Shop, Property , Apartments for Rent.
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Tel: 0419 425 257
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Warehouse for Rent, Studio, Flat to Rent.
HARBOUR HOUSE - Adventure/Camel Rides      HIRE
Plant Equipment Hire, Rent a Limousine, Flat Share.


Experience the camel riding at the safari. Our camels are supervised by highly experienced handlers at all times to ensure the safety of both animals and riders. They're also very well trained and friendly, well cared for and well groomed. Booking needed.

Rent Furniture, Appliances, Commercial Property for Rent.
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1 York street South Melbourne 3205 VIC
Fax: (03) 9378 9299
Send Email For Quote
Rent Hire Ltd, Toilet Hire, Limo, Apartment Rental.

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